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What's on your plate?

All our meat is free range and reared on the fields of Invercannich, by us or our neighbouring farmers.

Let us give you more information about where our meat comes from:

pork is from old fashioned traditional breeds which are slow maturing pigs that are free to dig in our healthy soils to get all              the nutrients they need. This gives our pork a more complex and deeper flavour. Once cooked it will be very succulent with fantastic crackling!

Beef is from grass fed Dexter, Highland or Short Horn cattle. We select these breeds because they are slow growing and create              great marbling throughout their meat. The marbling throughout melts whilst cooking making the meat tender, juicy and will have you coming back for more!

Chicken is from a Sasso breed. They are reared outdoors and are free to graze on our farms vast variety of grasses and wild flower. This makes our free range chickens succulent, full of flavour and perfect for a classic roast!

Lamb is slow maturing so it develops the finest flavour. The meat is dark in colour giving you rich depths of flavours you would                 expect from Scottish lamb that graze on wild pastures. 



Check out our "From The Freezer" section here!

Our Farm Shop is open once a month for fresh produce but shopping from our freezer section means your order can be ready instantly!

If you're super organised and already know what you would like at our monthly Farm Shop, you can click the sections down below to pre-order! You're order will be ready for you to collect when the Farm Shop is open!

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